We’re familiar with the labour pains of planning the perfect baby shower, from getting the theme right, to editing the guest list and most importantly making sure the gift registry is up and running. Of course, games and gabs are on the agenda, but the main reason for a baby shower is to help parents-to-be feel less overwhelmed by the sheer number of things they need to have ready before baby comes. Here are some basic guidelines and unique party ideas to get you well on your way to the main event.

The host

Traditionally, a family member or a very close friend organizes the baby shower, but that doesn’t mean that a colleague couldn’t put something together at work too. Hey, the more celebration and gift-giving, the better. Amiright?

The guest list

Typically, family and close friends are invited. However, depending on the scale of event you want to put on, you can widen the net slightly. Just remember that the guest of honor will want to be surrounded by people who truly share in her happiness and are not there simply because they felt obligated by an invitation.

The timing

There is never a good or bad time to plan a baby shower. You can start designing the invitations as soon as news breaks or wait until there is a baby bump to fuss over. You might not want to wait until the last trimester, however, to give the mom-to-be an opportunity to enjoy the party as well and not have to worry that her water might break amid the gift opening.

The registry

It is perfectly normal to create a gift registry for the baby shower. Not only are people expecting it, it relieves them of having to guess what motifs you’ll like best on your onesies. No matter who plans the baby shower, the mom-to-be definitely needs to be consulted on this one. Try to pick items in a variety of price points, that way your friends and family have ample choice and don’t feel obligated to overspend. A few bigger items are ok for your mother-in-law and sister to pick from, otherwise stick to the bare necessities. Consult our newborn checklist (https://petitlem.com/pages/my-newborn-checklist) for a good idea of what you’ll need off the bat and incorporate those items in your list.
Fun and modern baby shower ideas:

Co-ed BBQ fiesta


More and more people are including daddies in the celebrations. Why not, they’re expecting too, right? Think of an outdoor theme, weather permitting, fire up the grill and make it a casual get-together with lots of mocktails and belly laughs.

Spa party

As soon as the back pain and swelling begins, there is nothing mama-to-be will appreciate more than a day of being pampered with her nearest and dearest.

Girls brunch  

Who doesn’t love a good Sunday brunch? This one can easily be adapted to a party at home or at your favourite breakfast place, you know the one with the lovely garden setting and the delicious macarons? There is never a shortage of good menu ideas, and the timing of the day is perfect for little ladies of all ages, so you can include children if you wish. There is nothing cuter than your favourite minis anticipating the arrival of a new member of their clan.

High tea



It’s every girl’s childhood dream brought to life and probably one of the last times mom-to-be will have the chance to leisurely sip her tea for a while. Choose sophisticated finger food, and elegant tea-themed invitations, and let the ladies show up in their prettiest tea party dresses.

Girls night out

Pregnancy can be overwhelming at times, and all anyone ever wants to talk about, so maybe what the mom-to-be really needs is a night out with her girls to decompress and forget about the stresses of parenthood. Book your favourite restaurant, put on your LBDs and hit the town with your closest girlfriends.
February 14, 2020 — James DiMiele