To celebrate our new collaboration with Parcelles & Co. we sat down with founder Alexandra Dion and carved out our own little moment in time. 


What inspired you to launch Parcelles & Co.?

I’m a very nostalgic person who holds memories very near and dear, that’s why I’ve always looked to immortalize life’s little moments in every possible way. Having children (three little girls) made me realize how much and how quickly things change. I really wanted a tool to highlight the monthaversaries of my last baby. So, it's really with my third child that Parcelles came to be.


What inspired the name Parcelles & Co.?

Parcelles is every little bit of life, whether mundane or more significant, that must be highlighted. I believe it’s in tranquil happiness that we often have the most beautiful memories.


How did you immortalize all the great moments in the life of your three daughters?

I took a lot of pictures of everything and nothing. Each of my daughters has an album with their own personal story. It’s important for my husband and I to safeguard all the keepsakes that we hope will make them travel back in time when they’ve left home. Whether it's a stuffed animal, photos, booties or a piece of clothing, they have a bag just for them that they will take when they move out. #metscadanstonsac


What is your dream for Parcelles & Co.?

I’ve already accomplished a lot with this project. I am very proud of the journey. My only wish is that Parcelles continues to make its way gently through your stories.


What is the most rewarding thing for you as a mom?

When I see my girls laughing together and the wonderful complicity that exists between them. I find it beautiful and precious. I hope they grow up and believe in their ideas. We promised to give them roots and wings and I think we're on the right track


What moment in your daughters' life has taken your breath away?

Pretty much every moment of every day, but a moment that I will never forget is the day of our wedding when they saw me in my dress. I saw happiness and pride in their eyes, almost as big as mine maybe even bigger. It was a beautiful mother daughters moment that I will cherish forever.


What made you want to share your mom life on Instagram?

I've always been the girl who takes a million pictures of everything, so Instagram was an extension of that, a way for me to share little bits of life with the people I know. Over time, it has grown into a network that has allowed me to get to know beautiful women with whom I have a lot in common. Also, all the photos I take can be found in our family archives (albums) so Instagram is kind of the virtual version of that.

March 15, 2019 — James DiMiele
Tags: mom tips