Your littlest one might be too young to embrace Halloween in all its spooktacular glory, but it can still be fun—for you! Take advantage of those early years when you can dress them up as you please. For inspiration, we’ve compiled some of our favourite Halloween costumes that are easy to pull off and oh-so-cute. The best part of having a baby on Halloween? You get to keep all the candy from their trick-or-treat bags.


Easy DYI

 Sometimes all it takes is a themed pyjama and some imagination, especially when your costume is a fruit or vegetable. Use your sleeper as a base and then add on any props or additional materials as needed.

Mommy and me

 Your baby carrier is the perfect accessory, especially while trick-or-treating with older siblings and can be used as a prop in your mommy and me costume.


From the store

 Halloween pop up stores have great options for babies and toddlers as well. We still love these tried and tested classics.


For the Halloween die-hard

 Envelope please…and the best Halloween costume winner is:

October 18, 2019 — James DiMiele