It’s your baby’s first Thanksgiving and you’re feeling extra thankful this year for your brand new or growing family? Nothing left to do but celebrate! Here are some great ideas that can help you keep up with traditions or create new ones to make the holidays extra special. 


Get together

Holidays are a great opportunity to introduce your baby to family members. Whether you all go back home for a great big Thanksgiving feast or make it a point to FaceTime one another and reconnect for a while, this is the time to honour and be grateful for those who are nearest and dearest to you and your baby. Don’t forget about friends who are like family, too. There are no limits to the amount of love your baby should get.


Quality time

Maybe what you’re craving the most, is some down time with your special people, and that’s ok too. Especially if you have a newborn at home, give yourself time to adjust to this new life, and to what it means to now be +1 in your home. Sometimes the best way to show gratitude, is to start with being kind to yourself. That might mean slowing down expectations and taking it easy.

Cute outfits

Apples and pumpkins are not just for table dressing. Get into the Thanksgiving theme and dress your cutie in adorable on-season outfits from our Autumn Harvest collection. Not only are they super comfy and chock full of style, they provide the perfect photo ops! Which brings us to our next point.

Take lots of pics

Everyone is all together and in a good mood—seize the moment for great family pics! You might want to consider booking a photoshoot for your holiday cards, or just stepping up your selfie game. Either way, you’ll never regret capturing and documenting these beautiful first experiences for your baby.

Try new tastes

If your baby has started with solids, the Thanksgiving menu has a lot of foods that are easy to include in baby’s plate. Mash or cube a well-cooked sweet potato, puree some pumpkin, or thinly slice some turkey (only for babies over 7 months old) and let your little one enjoy the festive smells and tastes of the holiday.

Autumn sights and sounds

These are the last few weeks of outdoor fun before winter, and nothing beats playing with the colourful wonderland of Fall foliage. Stimulate your mini me by letting him experiment with the textures of the season and watch him light up as he crinkles leaves in his hands and discovers acorns and tree barks up close for the first time.



October 11, 2019 — James DiMiele
Tags: Family Life