Whether you’re a new parent or not, Christmas is the time of year when every little thing pulls at your heartstrings. Matching family PJs: “Awww.” Crying Santa photos: “How cute!” You get the drift. But, seriously, there are a number of traditions you can create to help you share the joy of your baby’s first Christmas with your family. Let us count the ways.


1. Visit your local Christmas markets.

    Most major cities will have outdoor activities for the family during the Holidays. Depending on the city — Toronto’s Christmas market spans an entire neighbourhood — you’ll get the chance to listen to carollers sing, shop and eat local fares, or just enjoy seeing your baby’s reactions to all the magical lighting and Christmas decor.


    2. Start an advent calendar with your family.

    If there’s a time when arts and crafts take centre stage, it’s around the Holidays. Although your baby is probably not very crafty — yet, the traditions you set now could last a lifetime, and be passed on to the next generation.


    3. Meet Santa for the first time.

      Let’s face it, this dude will be important in your child’s life for a while, you might as well make a good first impression. Get your little one all dolled up and dare to venture out to the busiest place of the season — the Mall. Not only will your baby be stimulated by the hustle and bustle, the pictures you take now and for years to come will be a precious reminder of every stage of his/her life.


      4. Get your personalized Christmas cards done (see previous blog) or make them yourself.

        There are plenty of photo ops during the Holidays, with beautiful decorations and majestic Christmas trees everywhere. You can literally take dozens of aww-inducing images with your brood, and pick a few to include in your Christmas cards. Or you can look into hiring a photographer to take your family pictures. Either way, you won’t be disappointed in immortalizing these precious moments and sharing them with your close ones.


        5. Wear matching pajamas.

          Twinning is winning when it comes to Christmas morning. Not only does it create the perfect family pictures as you open gifts, but everyone is excited about wearing something new for Christmas. Get inspired by browsing these cute and comfy styles.


          6. Personalize…everything.

            Picking out your baby’s first ornament is once-in-a-lifetime, and it’s a piece that you’ll hang and reminisce about every single year. But you can literally arm yourself with an entire arsenal of Baby’s First Christmas ornaments, stockings, onesies and sweet baby gifts. Pick and choose what’s important to you and make an outing out of it.


            7. Read your favourite Christmas stories.

              Since reading is something you probably already enjoy doing with your baby, bring out some of your favourite stories about the Holidays. Perhaps even some you enjoyed with your own parents. Handing down family traditions brings true meaning to the Holidays.


              8. Have decorating parties.

              This is my personal favourite, especially when you can involve grandparents and cousins. Kids take great pride in their trees and sharing their decorations. When you’re done, get the host child to put the star on the tree. Whether you involve the entire family, or just your immediate one, there’s nothing better than capturing that moment when you hang your baby’s first ornament!


              However you choose to spend the time with your family this Holiday season, make sure to slow down, relax, and enjoy these quality moments. Because, unfortunately, the old sayings are always true: it goes by so quickly. 


              December 07, 2018 — James DiMiele