Already stressed about getting through the holidays while caring for your little one? Here are some essential do’s and don’ts to help you keep your sanity.


DO slow down

A part of you wants to make your baby’s first Christmas unforgettable and the other part constantly just wants to take a nap? Give yourself a break. Becoming a new mom is hard enough without adding additional stress to the already overwhelming workload. No matter what you do, chances are this Christmas will go down in history—Santa came early and delivered the best gift of all! So, if all you want for Christmas now is a good night’s sleep, go ahead, you’ve earned it.


DON’T be a people pleaser

It’s hard not to want to spread the cheer during the holiday season, but it will be even harder if you overcommit and exhaust yourself. Your family and friends may want to stick to all the old holiday traditions and just add plus one to the guest list, but that’s not always possible. What your baby needs most is your undivided care and attention. Figure out what works for you and your family, and everyone else will just have to understand. What usually helps is to make a game plan and share it. If family members know of a change of plans in advance, they’ll have time to adjust.


DO ask for help

Just because you’re not hosting a big Christmas eve feast this year, doesn’t mean your family is not welcome to come over and help. Help being the operative word. Feel free to ask mom and dad to bring some food over and entertain the little one while you shower (and take a quick nap) or delegate some ornament shopping to your little sis—she spends all her time at the mall anyway! Figure out how your close ones can be most valuable during this time and don’t be shy to ask for their support. Chances are everyone is eager to spend more time with the adorable new baby and all they really want, is to feel useful.


DO Shop online

You may have spent countless days walking around those halls during your last trimester (after all, walking speeds up labor), but an overcrowded germ-infested mall might not be your destination of preference right now. You’re in luck, because every retailer and their online counterparts have released gift guides with ideas for every special person in your life. Check ours out, here. You can find the perfect present for everyone on your list from the comfort of your couch—while your little nugget naps by your side.


DON’T have a guilt party

Managing our emotions can often be hard—especially post-partum. You need to shed the mommy guilt once and for all and just know that you are doing your best, for your baby and everyone around you. Most importantly, don’t feel guilty for carving out some time for you—even if great aunt Rose, really, really wanted to pay a visit the same afternoon you decided you’d be washing your hair for the first time this week.


DO be merry

It’s the happiest time of the year—let’s keep it that way. Don’t forget what’s really important, which is to create beautiful new memories with your baby and your partner. That may mean sitting by the fire just the three of you in your pyjamas, or you might want your entire family over, so you can all marvel at how precious your new angel is. Whatever this holiday season brings, just remember to do what makes you happy.

December 14, 2018 — James DiMiele