Baby’s Firsts are always something to celebrate: first steps, first words, and every first holiday. So, if you haven’t already painted those eggs, and stuffed some colorful baskets, here are some fun ideas to celebrate Easter with your little chicks.


Dyeing and decorating eggs

We know we’re suggesting the most iconic of Easter activities, but it’s the one time in their tiny lives that you’re not scolding them for playing with their food, so make like a bunny and hop to it. Make sure you protect your work surface before you get the little and big kids involved, and then let the fun begin. Mix one teaspoon of vinegar with 20 drops of food coloring in one cup of hot water in a heat-proof container. There are a ton of stenciling and decorating material you can buy to make your eggs as elaborate as you wish. And if your newest additions are too young to fully participate, rest assured, they will revel in all the colors and shapes, and everyone’s excitement. You can also find creative DIY activities using the foam egg containers. The crafty possibilities are endless.


A simplified Easter Egg hunt

If your little nuggets haven’t taken their first steps yet, it might be hard for them to go seeking for treats on their own. You can either make good use of your baby sling, and go hunting à deux, or you opt for a little hide and seek game in your own home or garden. You can pretend to show them the egg, then hide it, or simply scatter them around the living room and they can crawl to each of them. Have a basket on hand that they can toss them into. There are ways of scaling the game depending on the age of your children. Either way, fun and squealing are guaranteed.


Offer them an Easter basket

You probably won’t be filling your newborn’s basket with chocolate and jelly beans, but there are still a few goodies that are right on theme. Think about finding a stuffed animal—a rabbit or a lamb—that will always reference their first Easter. Plastic or squishable eggs could be a good alternative to real ones, so they can touch, squeeze, and throw them with no worries about creating a mess. Add a little teething toy with bunny ears, or a bunny rattle, and maybe a little animal soothing blanket. There is also a great selection of animal bath towels and wash cloths to choose from like these.


Fresh Spring looks

As Easter approaches, sweet Spring outfits are blooming in every store. Adorable, colorful sets and dresses make putting together your little ones so much fun. Opt for sunny yellows (like these PJs) or soft pinks and blues. After a long winter, Spring dressing is a refreshing change, and these outfits make for great Easter presents as well, for nieces and nephews, grandchildren and especially godchildren.


Read Easter books

One of the most important activities you do with your baby is reading to them. Not only are you developing their language skills, it’s a wonderful way to be close and bond with your little ones. Most bookstores and online retailers will have a selection of Easter books you can choose from. The good news is, once the holiday is over, classics like the Tale of Peter Rabbit will stay on your bookshelves for years to come.


April 17, 2019 — James DiMiele