Getting your baby room ready is probably one of the most exciting parts of being pregnant, but there are also some important things to keep in mind while creating a nursery you’ll cherish. With the help of Katie Bridgman, owner and interior designer at Katie Charlotte Design, we’ve put together some guidelines to make your baby’s little nest flawless.

Pick a color scheme

“First decide if you would prefer something that will last or something short term that you don’t mind re-decorating in a couple of years. Newborns respond well to softer shades; too many colours and harsh colours can cause tension. You want your baby to wake up to a soothing environment in shades of blues, greens and pinks. Sunny colours and earth tones are great choices for both sexes, otherwise using a neutral tone and adding accent colours such as pink, sage, purple or blue offer an effective long term and more sophisticated solution.”


Choose the safest options

Look for brands that are free of flame retardants and harmful VOC’s. Always check the paints and chemicals with anything you consider purchasing and opt for the most natural and organic product available. There are so many organic and natural brands out there now, like Naturepedic, Greentom and Babyletto to name a few.”

Add a personal touch

“Print photos of existing family members and put them in pretty frames. Make a blanket for your little one from old clothes or have a grandma sew one for them. Marquee letters are still very popular: paint the backing in the room colours and get the initials that correlate to your baby’s name. Use wallpaper to make the back of a bookcase pretty and use leftover fabrics to add little tassels or pom-pom’s to table lamps, door handles etc. Anything monogrammed is always such a wonderful touch!”

Know when to splurge and when to save

“The crib is something to definitely splurge on particularly if you get one that will later convert to their first bed. The mattress is also very important as baby’s bones will be growing and the utmost of support will be needed. Money can be saved on drapery and decor by doing some basic DIY, using any leftover fabrics, going to a market, or IKEA.”


Use feng shui principles

“The basic rules of feng shui can be applied to any area of the home. Keep to soft colours and avoid too much contrast. Try to maintain balanced lighting levels all throughout the day through different sources and soft, natural fabrics for drapery to filter harsh sunlight. Keep the baby’s bed away from the door or directly in line with it and keep electronic devices at bay. In terms of decor, avoid photos and pictures with sharp edges or harsh, aggressive images and go for round corners where possible.”

Storage items will keep things neat and organized

“Install bookshelves where you can, and storage baskets will be your best friend. Place them on shelves or under the dresser/changing table if there is room. Get drawer organizers to keep things organized. Ensure the closet has multiple shelves and hanging space. Store what you can under the crib. Vacuum storage bags are a great solution for clothes that baby may not yet fit in or that you are storing for another child.”


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April 05, 2019 — James DiMiele