Try to see through the haze of exhaustion from hormones on overdrive and all that extra weight you’re carrying around, to all of the perks of being pregnant. And there are some really good ones! 

1. Your husband becomes your personal assistant

Most of us have heard the phrase, “Happy wife, happy life” and it has never been more observed than during the 9 months you carry his offspring. From neck rubs, to foot massages and midnight runs to Baskin Robbins to satisfy your (and his baby’s) cravings, there is nothing your hubby won’t do for the woman bringing the miracle of his baby into this world—and, in all honesty, to avoid a total pregnancy hormone meltdown.

2. Let them eat cake!

No one will ever look at you disapprovingly for having that second serving… or a daily dose of fully loaded tricked-out sundaes. What? Just saying.

3. People are automatically friendly

All of a sudden, you have strangers smiling at you while you walk to work glancing down at your bump, they get up to offer their seat on the train, friends are calling to check in more regularly, family members offer to pick up groceries so you don’t have to carry any weight and your boss is more likely to send you home early if you seem a little more tired than usual. Most importantly, reap the benefits of never having to wait in line to use a public restroom.

4. The holy grail of napping

Anytime, anywhere. There are no rules for when a pregnant woman should take a load off and rest her eyes. In fact, science is in our favour, as many studies show that taking a nap is linked to a healthier birth weight. Doctor’s orders!

5. The belly kicks

There is nothing more wondrous and magical than feeling those little feet kick. Of course, you’ll have to make sure not to confuse it with indigestion and enjoy it before it turns into the number one reason you can’t get a full night’s sleep.

 6. Pregnancy breasts

 Your changing pregnancy body does have a few perks, the first being great cleavage! You can also look forward to thicker, shinier hair and long strong nails.

7. No-guilt shopping

 You now have a legitimate reason to go to the mall. This tiny new human is starting from scratch, and you’re responsible for building their very first wardrobe. Check out our newborn checklist to guide your shopping expeditions

8. Baby showers

 If there’s ever been a time to celebrate you, it’s now. Bask in the attention and love of your friends and family as they plan your special celebration. One of the most enjoyable parts of being pregnant is picking out all your gear. If you need some inspiration for your registry, consult our gift shop

9. Mommy brain

 Yes, this is an actual thing. Constantly forgetful? Haven’t been on the ball lately? Blame it on the pregnancy. The good news is this excuse is valid way past the delivery date.

10. Building a nursery

 All of your Martha Stewart fantasies can finally be poured into a project your husband is fully on board with. Have fun redecorating the room you’ve assigned as the nursery with color palettes, sweet decals and furniture that will have you oohing and aahing. 
September 13, 2019 — James DiMiele