Whether you’re expecting your first, second or—who’s counting anyways, the excitement of decorating your baby’s little nest is just the same. And lucky for you, there is an abundance of décor inspiration that you can pull from to find your own unique nursery style. Here’s what we’ve noticed are most popular with the modern mamas.




 Although decals are still a fun way to add a few unique elements to your baby room, wallpaper is really having a moment right now. Anything from big florals that really give the impression of a secret garden wonderland, to constellation and safari designs, it’s the easiest way to theme your baby room.




 Life is about to get a little more hectic, so being organized can go a long way in creating some order. There are great organizing services that can help you make sense of where all the baby gear should go while making sure you maximize your space. If you’re a DIY queen, a quick trip to home depot or Ikea can get you started with some drawer and closet dividers and storage units.



Unique touches

 Name signs are still next-level cute, especially when embedded in beautiful flower walls or hoop wreaths. For baby boys, think more boxy fonts, maybe resting on a bookcase. Another great way to personalize your nursery is to bring a little family history in heirloom pieces or vintage furniture and décor, perhaps from your own childhood or gifted from a grandparent.

Jewel tones

 Modern parents are veering off the beaten path of traditional pink or blue baby rooms and are incorporating hues of their favourite gemstones (could even be a birthstone color!) that are warm and vibrant at the same time.


Gender neutral

 Whether you’ve had a gender reveal party or not, your baby room definitely doesn’t need to be gender specific. In fact, with a minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic being all the rage in home décor, simple, warm and cozy pieces reign, even in the nursery. 



Exotic animals

  You don’t need to create a jungle safari in your baby room to appreciate how much animals have a positive effect on babies. Include big frames with favourite zoo animals like lions, tigers and giraffes.


September 19, 2019 — James DiMiele