Happy Father’s Day!

New dad life is not easy—just ask dad! Here are some ideas on how to make your number one guy feel extra special this Father’s Day.

Ok, so daddy didn’t actually go through any of the physical labour (pun intended!) of bringing a child into this world, but his life has definitely undergone a complete overhaul. He deserves a day to be honored and appreciated for the unconditional love and hard work that goes into parenting—and the gardening! Here is a list of thoughtful ways to show your number one guy how much you value him.

Go outdoors

A new baby involves a lot of time spent in the house, feeding, napping and tummy time. Take this opportunity to head outdoors and enjoy the June weather. Give in to your hubby’s favourite activity, go for a hike or hit the golf course. If you can’t get someone to watch the baby, consider taking a walk as a family or going to the park. Some fresh air always puts everyone in a good mood to start the day.

Watch a sporting event

Take him out to the ball game! Look through your TV guide or local listings for any sporting events happening on Sunday. If you can’t get out to a stadium, make his favourite snacks at home, bust open a cold one, and put some cheer into his favourite team. It doesn’t have to be a professional league, just something he enjoys watching. He’ll love the enthusiasm and who knows, it might even start a tradition with your kiddos and extended family, too.

Give him Me Time

One thing that disappears very quickly after having a baby is time alone. I bet that man cave has been feeling very neglected lately. Give him a gift that he can add to the décor, and then let him spend time doing whatever it is they do in there. It could be after a nice Father’s Day brunch or to end the day, while you take over the bath and bed routine.

Fire up the bbq

Time for that steak dinner! Home-made meals definitely take a back seat to purée baby food the first year of being a parent. There’s no better time to break out his favourite recipe and give him a meal that will make his mouth water.

Make a date

After Me Time, it’s We Time. Scheduling date nights can be very difficult with a new baby. Maybe all he wants is to feel like the apple of your eye again. Call a babysitter or enlist some help from a friend or family member and rekindle some of that romance that made baby in the first place.

Buy him a gadget

Boys and their toys will forever have a special bond. Buy him a new toy and give him the time to assemble it and set it up. Basically, tune in to what he’s been missing while rightfully focusing on his new role as daddy, and let him indulge in it on this very special day.

Get sentimental

They may not show it, but thoughtful mementos and heartfelt cards mean the world to daddies too. So, get your little one to scribble in his Father’s Day card and write him a message straight from your heart.

June 13, 2019 — James DiMiele
Tags: Family Life