You received the baby shower invitation, now it’s time to shop for a newborn gift. If someone you care about is having a baby, it’s normal to rack your brain for the perfect present, especially if you’re a bit clueless in the newborn department. You can go the quick and simple route of picking something out from the baby registry but even navigating a registry can be a little daunting if you’re not familiar with all the gear. The best advice is to opt for something meaningful and useful, that the new parents will appreciate having once baby arrives. We’ve compiled a list of things we think are indispensable to new parents. Don’t be surprised if you end up just clicking straight to check out!


Take me Home sets

Help the new baby make its first impression in style with a cute outfit for the ride home from the hospital. These Pointelle sets in pink, blue and gender-neutral grey are the perfect addition to baby’s layette. For a winter arrival, you might want to choose a luxuriously soft cashmere set like this one


Rattles and teething toys

Want to give something that will have an impact on baby’s development? Sure, rattles are fun to shake around while you wait for a smile, but these first baby toys also help with hearing, vision and fine motor development. And nothing is better for soothing sore gums during teething than a chilled teething ring or the famous Sophie the Giraffe.


Swaddles and blankets

As baby gets used to life outside of the womb, nothing feels safer or more comforting than being snuggly wrapped up in a swaddle. Actually, swaddles have so many uses, they’re a must-have item in a newborn’s life—whether mommy uses it as cover to breastfeed, wraps baby up for a nap, or keeps them from scratching their face. Get inspired by these coordinated sleeper and swaddle sets.


Bodysuits and sleepers

You’d be amazed by the amount of times—in the double digits—a baby needs changing in a day! Which also means, accidents are bound to happen, spit up will end up as much on baby as on mommy and having numerous sleepers and bodysuits around will be very handy indeed. The truth is babies don’t get much use of any clothing other than sleepers and bodysuits for those first few months because they spend a lot of time sleeping and feeding. Try some in cute animal prints (like these that are bundled with that other necessary object, the swaddle).


Bath towels and cloths

Bathtime will soon become synonymous with winding down for sleep, and mommy’s favourite time of the day! A set of playful bath towels and cloths are really all they need. Try these in fun animal hoodies perfect for playing hide and seek with baby.



Help boost baby’s imagination and creative thinking with a good set of books. Most early infancy books will have colors and shapes that stimulate the baby and reading early on is proven to build stronger vocabulary and literacy skills later on. Books also make a great add-on to another bigger item or as replacement to a greeting card.


Milestone cards

The funnest part of being a parent is gushing over every small or big accomplishment of baby’s first year. These Petit Lem + Parcelles & Co Keepsake Cards are probably not something parents would think of buying themselves—which makes them the perfect gift. They’ll thank you for helping them immortalize all those amazing moments they won’t want to ever forget.


June 07, 2019 — James DiMiele