After months of waiting, baby is finally here: small, precious and wriggly, he’s already taking such a big space in your lives and hearts. Regardless whether you are a first-time parent, or seasoned mom and dad, bath time presents an opportunity to bond with your little one, as well as setting a routine he will look forward to as a positive part of the day. Set the tone for a lifetime love affair with baths, and water, by stocking up on these bath time essentials.


What you put on baby’s skin is just as important as his diet: since skin is porous, whatever product lathered on with love is then absorbed into his body. And of course, not all baby products are created equally. Newborn and toddler skin is even more delicate: opt for a body wash, oil and lotion made without synthetic fragrance, foaming agents, sulfates, preservatives or parabens. A bubble bath adds a hefty dose of fun for both baby and you!

We love: The Baby Soap by Énamour

Wrapped in love with our FLUFFY TOWEL

Soft to the touch, and even softer on your little one’s skin. A towel of his own — particularly one that he finds amusing — is a fantastic, positive bath time association. Made with organic cotton, our absorbent towels boast a hood to keep your little one warm and dry from head to toe.

ORGANIC CLOTHS for bath time, and every day

Wash baby’s skin ever so gently with our face cloths — made with organic cotton. Just as good for your precious bundle as for the environment, our multipurpose cloths come in a set of X and are available in a variety of colours and prints. Psst… skip the wet wipes and slip these reusable zero-waste staples in your baby bag for everyday use.

Don’t forget the TOYS!

Inspire imaginative play while getting baby used to water by stocking up on BPA-free bath toys. Plastic toys can leech chemicals into the bath water so forego the traditional rubber Duckie and look for hermetically sealed designs — they prevent the accumulation of bacteria, mould and dirt.

We love:

Seahorse by CaaOcho 

Whale by CaaOcho


April 12, 2018 — Emilie Tardif