Baby’s nap time presents a much-needed break from a busy day. While some parents choose to snooze right alongside baby, others catch up on household chores or simply curl up on the couch and get lost in a good book. And of course, nap time is just as beneficial for baby: getting adequate rest boosts the immune system and promotes childhood growth and development. Set the scene for longer (and happier!) naps with these 3 simple tips.

Watch out for cues

Tell-tale signs of fatigue like jerky movements in small babies, yawning, rubbing eyes and ears or the frowning or knotting of eyebrows, are your baby’s way of trying to communicate his needs. Don’t worry, it might take a couple of weeks of baby-watching before you learn to identify individual disengagement signals. Put your little one through his nap time routine (read on!) as soon as he shows sleepy signs. Missing the window of opportunity  will make the nap time process more frustrating for all parties involved.

Set the scene with a nap time routine

Whether he sleeps in a crib, stroller or baby carrier, it’s important to get your little one in the mood for slumber. Babies thrive on routine so settling him down for nap time around the same time each day may help him wind down on his own. Start by changing his diaper before slipping him into more comfortable attire. Don’t be shy to sneak in a light feeding or sing a lullaby — through trial and error, you will eventually devise the ideal nap time routine.

Keep your go-to Petit Lem blanket or swaddle wraps nearby to ensure a cozy (and warm!) sleep.

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Baby just won’t nap? Try swaddling

Help your little one feel warm and secure as if cocooned in the womb. Swaddling is thought to reduce crying, and prolonging sleep, all while helping baby stay on his back. This age-old technique is growing in popularity — thanks in part to bestselling parenting books like The Happiest Baby on the Block.

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April 12, 2018 — Genome Collaborator